2nd Birthday Bodysuit with Gold Polka Dot Headwrap

  • $23.99

Lavender and GOLD polka dot Tie Big Bow Headwrap and a glitter gold TWO on the bodysuit!

This is a short headwrap measuring approximately 43-44" long and 2.5-2.75" wide made with fabric with NO stretch. HEADWRAP SHIPS TO YOU UNTIED!!

Babies/Toddlers: wear as shown tied once around and into a bow, wrap around twice and tie in top knot, or turban tie with tails tucked in back.

Child/Adult: tied once with a small knotty bow (will NOT be as big as bow in picture), tied once with knot and tails in front or back, tie once with a square knot and tails tucked in, tie in knot or bow around ponytail or bun.


Bodysuit Carter's Sizing Guide:

12 Months 28.5” – 30.5” and 20.5 – 24.5 lb
18 Months 30.5” – 32.5” and 24.5 – 27.5 lb
24 Months 32.5” – 34” and 27.5 – 30 lb